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Technology that both teachers and students can embrace. Introduce VideoScribe to your classroom – engage young people and make new learning possible.


  • Logins for every student, teacher and member of staff
  • Access at home and school
  • Logins reassigned for each new cohort
  • Free support

Site-wide Yearly

Site-wide One-off

Distinguished School


<1,400 students
£840 per year£6,720£2,400


<1,900 students
£1,080 per year£8,640£3,000


<2,400 students
£1,320 per year£10,560£3,800

What's the difference between Education and Pro licences?

Education licences have all the Pro features and carry the VideoScribe logo.

Are there any smaller licences?

We also sell a Classroom Licence at £350 per year, with logins for up to 30 computers. Apply here

What's special about Distinguished Schools?

Distinguished Schools partner with Sparkol in return for the extra discount. By application only. Apply here

Speak your students' language

Video connects with young people. Multimedia whiteboard videos aren't just fun – they're shown to grab attention, invite engagement and boost retention for exams.

A miracle for busy teachers

VideoScribe is easy to pick up so it's the perfect tool for busy teachers. Quickly build up a set of video resources to use again and again.

From physics to IT

Use VideoScribe to illustrate complex ideas. Use it to bring dry topics alive, teach storytelling, design and media, to learn IT skills.

Reinforce student learning

Students love scribing and will make their own videos within minutes. They’ll use VideoScribe for homework or in class to reinforce what they have learnt.

Supports your teaching methods

Scribe videos are safely accessed from home computers, meaning flipped classrooms, enjoyable homework, revision aids and distance learning.

Make the complicated simple

By combining audio and visual media, VideoScribe draws students into processing ideas deeply. Break complex concepts into understandable chunks.

Original, royalty-free content

Don't waste time trying to find suitable content or worrying about copyright. Image, music and font libraries are included in VideoScribe – all royalty-free.

All the help you need

If you want to draw on inspiration or support, our free tutorials, instant answers, training and friendly support team are all waiting.

Whiteboard videos in education

How teachers use VideoScribe

  • Complex concepts explained in their lessons
  • Fun introduced to dry topics
  • Hands-on tool to teach storytelling, narration and design
  • Enjoyable homework exercises
  • Students present their learning to the class
  • Reverse, or flipped classroom, teaching
  • Videos posted for recap at home
  • Revision scribes for exams
  • Software to learn in IT
  • Resources for distance learning
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