"Pure eye candy and almost impossible to resist"

VideoScribe is the must-have marketing tool for 2015. Create captivating videos your customers will love. Simple to use and a genuine rival to hand-drawn videos – it’s time to add VideoScribe to your creative suite.

Over half of VideoScribers use it for marketing

That’s because, compared to talking head videos…

Scribes are 15% better at getting your message remembered

by every single age group.

Scribes are 3x more likely to be shared

much more effective at generating recommendations for your service

and more than twice as likely to lead to a sale.

Real campaigns brought to life with VideoScribe

How businesses benefit from VideoScribe

"When we finished the presentation on the big day, among clapping and congratulations was the question: How do you do it?"

Eva Huong Digital Market Square

"An amazingly intuitive tool - the missing link for professional marketers who don’t have the time to learn all the ins and outs of video production."

Sean James New Media Training

"I have been making commercial whiteboard animations using a film crew - that cuts my profits in half. VideoScribe makes the process much more cost effective!"

Brenda Pro user

"You can make VideoScribe what you want, bringing in your own influence and drawings to create scribes that captivate your clients' audience."

Katy Boys Illustrator

"This is pure eye candy and almost impossible to resist."

Screencast Profits

"The simplicity of the app masks its power, versatility and functionality."

Ollie Dreon The 8 Blog

"A video professional would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a Sparkol VideoScribe and the 'real thing' shot on video."


Using VideoScribe for your business