Privacy statement

Last updated: 14 February 2017

Privacy is very important to us and, of course, to you. This statement tells you what information we collect when you use our website or our apps, what we use it for, and who we share it with.

What information do we collect?

As well as any information you provide, we collect information automatically when you use our website and our apps. The following examples illustrate the sort of information we collect this way:

The time when you open your account and when and how you use our website and apps - the “cookies” section below provides more information about this
Information about the devices you use to access our website and use our apps, including the type of device, its operating system, the browser, the telephone number associated with the device, unique numbers associated with the device, the network you use, and the unique address associated with your connection to the internet
The email address you use to access our apps and publically available information about you that is associated with that address (we obtain this from a third party)
The name and location of any files created or saved by you
Information about where you are when you are using our website and apps.
What do we use this information for?

Apart from the obvious reasons, such as making our apps work the way they should, delivering information and content to you, and charging you, we also use this information:

To remind you to use our website or app
To tell you when there is a new version of the app, or our website has been upgraded
To understand how you use our website and apps
To suggest options to you - for example, our software may monitor the search terms you use within our apps, and your response to the search results, and aggregate this with similar information acquired from other users of our apps in order to provide a richer user experience, such as “If you like this, you may also like …”. This information is held only as statistical information - it is not associated with you.
To test and improve our website and apps
To identify and fix problems
To provide you with help and support
To develop new features and new apps
To monitor compliance with our licence and user terms.
We also put this information together with similar information that we have collected from other users to create statistical information. As well as using this statistical information for all the purposes mentioned above, we also share it with third parties, such as those who advertise on our website or through our apps. But this information is about our users as a group - such as how our users are distributed around the world and how their use of our website and apps varies by country - and it does not identify you or reveal anything about you.

Any of this information may be stored and processed outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) by staff who work for us or for one of the organisations we work with. The laws in some of those countries may not provide as much protection for your personal information as the laws in the EEA, but we have arrangements in place with those organisations to ensure that your personal information is kept secure and is used in accordance with this privacy statement.

We may share your personal information with companies which are part of our group, and if our business is sold to another company we may disclose it to potential buyers, but only after we have put arrangements in place to ensure that your information is not misused.


Our website and apps store very small amounts of information - known as ‘cookies’ - on your device and read that information. These cookies contain an identification number that is unique to you. We use this information to recognise you and to record your actions and preferences - such as your preferred language - so that you receive a personalised experience each time you use it. This personalised experience includes showing you adverts which are more likely to be relevant to you.

Other companies we have commercial relationships with are also able to see this information. For example, as well as sharing it with companies which advertise on our website and apps, we share it with Google so that they can provide us with their analysis of user behaviour - both on our website and apps and on other company’s websites and apps. Although we provide them with the unique identification number we have assigned to you, we do not tell them who you are.

The companies associated with other websites you visit may also read the cookies we have stored on your device and may use it for their own purposes. We don't have any control over those companies or what they do with our cookies, so make sure you read their cookie terms carefully.

You can stop our website and apps from storing this information on your devices if you wish by changing your browser settings. You can use the same procedure to enable them again if you change your mind.

Information that is specific to particular versions of our apps

VideoScribe (all versions up to and including 2.3.6) and VideoScribe Anywhere (all versions up to and including 1.1.6)

We capture filenames for imported images and audio.

We store the text you enter through the app in our support systems. We may keep this after you have deleted it. We share this information with Google as part of our use of Google Analytics

Your rights

You can correct or update your personal information or change your preferences in relation to direct marketing here.

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information about you which we hold and details of where we got it, what we use it for, and who we share it with. We charge £10 for processing each request and then we will process it in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

In the unlikely event that you believe that we are causing someone substantial and unwarranted damage or distress by the way we are using personal information about you, or that we are likely to do so, you have the right to ask us to stop using it that way. We will process your request in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Third parties

When you download or use our apps, you may be sharing your personal information with the app store and/or your mobile network provider. We don’t have any control over their use of that information and you should check their privacy statements to see how they will use it.

When you pay for a purchase through our website or apps, you will be taken to a secure website operated by a reputable and regulated payment processor. Your payment card details will be collected and processed by that company. The only payment card information we will receive is the last four digits of your 16-digit card number.

When you share your videos and other materials through our website and apps, anyone who sees them will have access to any personal information they contain. It is your responsibility to remove any personal information before you share them if you do not want that information to be seen and used by other people.

Changes to this privacy statement

We may change this privacy statement from time to time, so please check this page regularly. We will try to notify you in advance where there are any significant or very important changes.

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