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The world’s leading animated whiteboard explainer video company also provides you with the services and years of experience to accelerate your marketing, education and social engagement success.

Diploma with books and an award badge

People form a judgement of your organization, your brand, and your products in just a few seconds. To ensure those first impressions gain the results you want, ask Sparkol!

How we compliment our software

  1. Years of experience – we researched the market, built the leading explainer video software and have a global network of partners. We know our stuff!

  2. Speed, Quality and Value – our processes are fine tuned, we have our brand and reputation at stake and we sell more software if you are satisfied. We will not let you down.

  3. Access All Areas – our experience is broad but our network is broader - from education to the corporate boardroom, social media engagement to charitable support, we understand your challenges, tone and audience.

Diploma with books and an award badge

Video Production
A video stimulates all the senses but a Scribe adds that essential element – engagement. Our team will work with you to storyboard, script, animate, add voiceover and soundtracks to your videos.
There are endless options, and it may seem daunting, but we take the worry, cost and time away from you to deliver videos that can be used on any platform, in any country, to drive real results.

Custom Illustration and Animation
Every organization has its own voice and your brand tells the world who you are, what you do and why you are trusted. Bring your ideas, logos, products, and characters to life. Introduce your management team as they are drawn in the video, promote new products dynamically and inspire your audience as your story captures their imagination.
It’s quick, cost effective and separates you from the pack.

We want you to benefit from VideoScribe in all your sales, marketing, HR, social media and other key activities, but not everyone is born creative. VideoScribe changes that by doing the hard work for you!

  • Online Training – join our scheduled courses or benefit from group rates and get up and running in less than two hours. We offer a number of online courses to take you from beginner to expert.

  • Onsite Training – why take days or weeks when you can do it in a day? Train your team, or teams, in the comfort of your own environment, stay productive and save the cost.

The VideoScribe Launchpad
I know what you’re thinking, “But I want it all, and I need it now!”  We can help.
We have put all of our services, licenses (and a number of extras) together to help launch your campaign. Immediately increase marketing and sales performance, engage a larger audience, and a whole host of other benefits.
Aimed at fast moving, highly-competitive organizations, in a matter of weeks you will benefit from a full suite of videos, a trained team and custom animated images to make you stand out…for the price most companies charge for one video.
This includes:

  • 2 professionally mastered videos

  • Custom animation of company and product logos

  • Other customer animation

  • 10 annual Business licenses

  • 1 day onsite training + remote training support

  • Templates

  • 10 StoryPix annual licenses

We’ll even promote your videos via our millions of visitors and subscribers around the world.

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