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Give your employees the best tools for the job to create stand-out animated videos. With VideoScribe your team will communicate more effectively, be more productive and stay motivated. Whether it's your marketing, HR, customer service or operations teams, they can all become video superstars with no design or editing skills required. Say goodbye to boring PowerPoint presentations and hello to stand-out videos.

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Our VideoScribe super-users

VideoScribe for business is an essential tool in your kit. But don't just take our word for it - see how our customers are using VideoScribe to create engaging animated videos to help grow their business, raise awareness and more...

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"I’ve been a loyal VideoScribe customer for years and years. I have taken a look at other companies since, but none of them seem to have what I need the way that VideoScribe does."

Carol Alalouf, Founder, Marketer and VideoScribe User

"I like the simplicity of VideoScribe and prefer to let my imagination and creativity lead the way. Animation has allowed me to bring together lots of different pieces of my diverse skill set."

Vicki Martin, Scientist and VideoScribe Super User

"VideoScribe is an amazing tool to add so many different elements such as music, voice-over, drawings and images, to control the camera, animation adjustments... it's just all excellent."

Lyn Lowe, Business Owner and VideoScribe user

Get started with our business templates

'Your story' template

How did your business start? How did you get to where you are today? Show your story with this editable template.

'Business card' template

Get remembered with our business card template. Share over email, on web pages or download as a GIF.

'Your journey' template

Introduce yourself to your new team or prospective clients with our personable 'Your journey' template.

How animated videos benefit your business

Promote your business

92% of marketers agree that video should be a core part of every marketing strategy. Whatsmore, explainer videos are proven to increase conversions, from websites to emails. And it's never been easier for the team to create their own. No more expensive production agencies.

Improve internal comms

Motivate and inspire with our business presentation video maker, from new-starter training to effective announcements. With corporate video presentation software you can turn dry content into engaging videos capturing the personality of your company.

Let customers self-serve

68% of consumers prefer to watch a video than speak to a business' support team. Why not leverage this preference with video marketing for business? Empower your customer service team to create video tutorials to keep your happy and loyal customers.

The power of storytelling for businesses

Ever wondered how you can use stories to supercharge sales and grow your business? In this quick video we talk about how powerful stories and storytelling really is, and how they can be used to grow your business.

How our business community use VideoScribe: the case studies

Creativity is a Choice

Content marketing agency, Exaltus, beautifully combine custom illustrations with the power of VideoScribe to create videos for its clients.

Allergan Bonus Incentive Explainer

The pharmaceutical company Allergan used VideoScribe to explain it's bonus incentive scheme to its sales reps.

Rapid Dox

For software company, Rapid Dox, VideoScribe was the perfect way to explain their tool.

Some of our business customers

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Sparkol 2022 Research Report: The State of Animation

"90% of respondents say animation is highly effective or even essential to their work"

To find out more about how animation can benefit your business, read the full Sparkol research report here.

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