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VideoScribe is video animation software that empowers you to create animated videos easily. The potential for memorable videos is limitless - you can create animated explainer videos, whiteboard animation videos, marketing videos, cartoon videos, doodle videos, through to corporate business videos, educational videos or attention-grabbing animated GIFs.

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When it comes to using VideoScribe to create your impressive video animations, we’re proud to say it’s as simple as search, drag and drop! Just search in our image library of over 11,000+ custom illustrations, select the images that best support your story, drop them into your canvas, and drag them into position to bring it all to life.

Choosing between the desktop or the browser

Whether you’re trialling VideoScribe or have an active VideoScribe subscription, you can choose between using VideoScribe for your browser, or VideoScribe for your desktop. By choosing VideoScribe for your web browser, you unlock the ability to create content on-the-go using a computer, or your iPad. You also unlock our scenes functionality, with various video canvas sizes. 

By choosing VideoScribe for your desktop, you gain access to our infinite scrolling canvas. That means you can explain complex topics with ease by visually zooming in and out, and adding as much content as you want. 

No matter which option you choose, you can create animated videos quickly and easily. Watch our explainer video to help you decide which option you should choose to create your animated videos

What are the benefits of a VideoScribe subscription?

Your paid subscription gives you access to VideoScribe for your browser and your desktop with all VideoScribe branding removed. Say hello to no watermarks! Whether you're an individual or part of a team, creating animated videos has never been easier. Compare which version of VideoScribe works best for you!

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VideoScribe for browser

VideoScribe for desktop

Multiple image and text animation options
Control camera positions to zoom and pan
Library of animated images & illustrations 5 million + 11k +
Access to ever-expanding template library
Unlimited image, GIF & font uploads
Advanced timeline to sync audio & visuals
Audio/voice-over recording and import
Royalty-free music collection
Canvas type Scenes, Roaming canvas Roaming canvas
Range of aspect ratios Portrait, Square & Landscape Portrait, Square & Landscape
Range of diverse drawing hands
Upload your own drawing hand
Use on multiple devices Desktop & Tablet Desktop
Multiple export options MP4 & GIF WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, JPEG/PNG sequence
HD 1080p render resolution
Share your project
Save projects online

How to use VideoScribe software

Watch us create the iconic story of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ from scratch in less than 30 minutes using VideoScribe for your desktop (don't worry, we've sped things up for you). We've used all of our animation styles to tell this story; move in, fade in, morph and our iconic drawn style.

Did you know 65% of people prefer visual learning methods? Using animated video is a sure-fire way to level up your classroom, social media, blogs or website content.

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