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Transform your ideas into engaging animated GIFs with ease thanks to VideoScribe. To find out more about how you can create and use animated GIFs on your website, within your emails and more, read on. Want to skip ahead? Just click on one of our links here to jump down the page:

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What is an animated GIF?

An animated GIF is a series of images, or frames, placed in a sequence to create what looks like an animated video. Unlike video, animated GIFs don't use audio, no voice-overs - they embrace color, movement and animation. They’re an effective way to attract viewers and interest in a short amount of time.

How can animated GIFs be used?

Animated GIFs are a versatile way of showcasing your story or message in a visual format. They don’t require any audio or voice-overs, and are often most effective in short, sharp bursts. The longer the animated GIF, the larger the file size and this is a serious consideration when it comes to using GIFs on your website. There are many places you can use GIFs, but our top 3 are below:

Your website

Short, sharp, and quick animated GIFs are fantastic for your website - just like we have used here! We recommend creating GIFs in under 15 seconds. 

Your emails

Using animated GIFs in your emails is an effective way to captivate the attention of your subscribers. Level up your email performance with visually exciting comms that drive action.

Your social channels

Animated GIFs are a perfect way to engage your social media followers. They’re highly appealing and can effectively deliver a message in seconds.

The best tools for creating animated GIFs

When it comes to choosing the right tool to create an animated GIF, look no further! We've done all the hard work and picked out the best tools (and shared some of our secrets) to help you create show-stopping animated GIFs for your audiences.

4 free tools to create animated GIFs

How to create an animated GIF from your video

Creating animated GIFs with VideoScribe

As an animated GIF maker, VideoScribe can easily be used in two ways: you can get started with one of our GIF templates, or start your own GIF from scratch. Plus, did you know when you’re creating any content in VideoScribe - whether that video or GIFs - you can choose to export as a video or directly as an animated GIF! It's really that easy.

We want to make content creation quick, easy and fun for our users. If you choose to export as a GIF, VideoScribe will render the first 15 seconds of any video as an animated GIF, making it easier than ever to transform your story into a video or animated GIF.

Free animated GIF templates

Happy birthday GIF template

Upcoming sale GIF template

 Gift card template

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