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Transforming a basic slideshow into an impactful video presentation has never been simpler! Elevate your audience's experience and compel them to take action using the dynamic features of VideoScribe's animated slideshow maker. Say goodbye to death by PowerPoint and hello to an actively listening audience with captivating slideshow animation.

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How to turn Presentations into Animated Videos

Get started with our video templates

This animated video template is perfect for easily adapting presentations into video. It's easy to customize the colors, images & fonts.

This template also lends itself for presentations. Simply customize the content to suit your topic and branding.

A flexible template for video presentations. Customize the fonts, colors & imagery to fit your brand.

Tips for creating professional slideshows

1. Begin with a clear storyboard outlining the sequence of your animated slides.

2. Utilise VideoScribe's extensive library of pre-designed images, icons, and animations to enhance your presentation.

3. Experiment with different styles and themes to find the one that best suits your message and audience.

4. Maintain consistency in design elements such as colours, fonts, and transitions throughout your slideshow.

5. Incorporate text sparingly and ensure it is concise and easy to read, considering the pace of your animation.

6. Use dynamic transitions between slides to keep viewers engaged and create a seamless flow.

7. Add sound effects or background music to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your presentation.

8. Take advantage of VideoScribe's drawing and handwriting features to add a personal touch to your slides.

9. Preview your slideshow regularly to check for any errors or areas for improvement.

10. Finally, don't forget to rehearse your presentation to ensure smooth delivery and timing.

VideoScribe whiteboard animation software

So you can see just how easy it is to create whiteboard animations with VideoScribe in minutes. But that’s just the start. VideoScribe has a whole host of easy-to-use features that make creating impressive animations a breeze. Let’s take a look… 

Library of over 5 million images and GIFs

From backdrops and scenery to medical equipment, school supplies and people and pets we have images covering every topic. Plus, with the option to upload your own images, photos and GIFs your creative potential really is limitless!

Creative animation options at your fingertips

All VideoScribe images will automatically draw themselves when you hit play. But for extra sparkle, experiment with other animation options including move in, fade in, morph images from one to another and more. Hello professional animation techniques!

Over 190 royalty free tracks and voice-over recording

No explainer video would be complete without sound. Which is why we have a built in music library complete with tracks covering a range of genres. You can also record your own voice-over right from VideoScribe - no other tools needed!

Diverse range of drawing hands, pens and erasers

For a truly custom explainer, pick a drawing hand and pen that’s right for your character, story or message. From paint brushes and markers, to pencils and crayons, there’s something for everyone.

Canvas sizes for every occasion

Whether you’re creating explainer videos to share on your website or social media, VideoScribe has canvas sizes to suit your needs. Just click to switch between square, vertical and traditional 16:9 canvas options.

With desktop and browser options, VideoScribe flexes to suit you

If you prefer creating quick animations on the go, you’ll love the browser based version of VideoScribe. For more in-depth creations our downloadable desktop tool is perfect. With one subscription you’ll get access to both giving you ultimate flexibility!

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