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How Do I Turn Presentations Into Animated Videos?

The process for turning presentations into animated videos

Step 1: Determine Your Video's Structure

Begin by defining the structure of your video. Consider whether it will follow a linear progression, present information as a collage, or use scenes to create a visual mind map. Evaluate your content and choose the layout that best suits its nature.

Step 2: Apply Stylistic Elements

Next, incorporate design elements from your presentation into your animation. The effort you put into making your slides visually appealing should not go to waste. Transfer these aesthetics into your video to maintain a cohesive look and feel.

Step 3: Visualize Text and Concepts

Slides can often be overwhelmed with text and bullet points, which isn't ideal for animations. Instead, focus on transforming textual content into visual representations. Consider condensing one bullet point into one image as a guideline. This approach simplifies complex ideas, stimulates the senses, and enhances comprehension.

Step 4: Customize Animation

With your images in place, it's time to unleash your creativity with animations. While default animations exist, you may choose to have images appear or move in rather than being drawn, particularly if you have numerous images to present quickly or background elements that can gracefully fade in.

Step 5: Adjust Timing

Review your video's pacing and adjust the animation timing for each element. Incorporate pauses or delays where necessary. Ensuring that your content is displayed at the right speed is essential to keep your audience engaged and prevent information overload or boredom.

Step 6: Create Additional Scenes

Having perfected your approach with one slide, replicate the process to create the remaining parts of your video. Continuously translate essential information from each slide into visual content. Stick to the initial layout choice, ensuring readability and coherence throughout your video.

Step 7: Incorporate Background Music

Enhance your video's appeal by adding background music. Choose a suitable track that complements your content. Opt for upbeat, energetic tunes to excite your audience about exciting developments, or select mellow, understated tracks for serious content that demands attention without distraction.

Step 8: Record Your Voiceover

The final touch is to record or upload a voiceover. This not only aids understanding but also caters to auditory learners. Utilize slide speaker notes as prompts or craft a dedicated script for your narration to ensure your message is effectively conveyed.

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