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VideoScribe, the ultimate cartoon video maker, empowers you to craft bespoke animations within minutes, and it's remarkably simpler than you may imagine. You don't need any prior animation or video creation expertise. You have the flexibility to either create from scratch or utilize one of our high-quality professional templates. Our extensive template library caters to a wide range of projects, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every endeavor. Whether your goal is to narrate your story, elucidate a concept, or captivate an audience, VideoScribe has you covered.

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How do I start creating cartoons with VideoScribe?

Fast start guide

VideoScribe, the animated video maker, empowers you to craft personalized animations effortlessly, even if you've never dabbled in animation or video creation before.

Here's the easy 4-step process:

Step 1

Begin your journey by signing up for a free VideoScribe trial. No credit card details are required, making it hassle-free to embark on your creative venture.

Step 2

Step into the world of video creation by either selecting a pre-designed template from our extensive library, tailored to your topic, or choose a blank canvas to unleash your artistic ideas. Prepare your canvas before moving on to step 3.

Step 3

Record or upload your voice-over early in the process. We advise aligning your animations with your audio to achieve seamless synchronization.

Step 4

Craft your narrative. For template users, it's time to personalize your content by editing text, images, colors, and fonts with a simple click. Alternatively, if you're part of the blank canvas crew, explore our image library to pick graphics that convey your story. Add text and select music to breathe life into your narrative. Finally, hit the publish button and share your creation with the world!

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