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What is an explainer video?

Explainer video software allows you to create a concise video that defines a product, service or concept in a clear and simple way, to get the point across quickly and effectively.

Whether live action or animated, appealing visuals are used to engage the audience. Depending on the subject, humour, voiceovers and soundtracks can be added to make the content more memorable and enjoyable.

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What’s different about animated explainer videos?

By animating your explainer video you give it a life all of its own. Forget the expense and time of hiring actors and setting the scene. Whether your video is set in space or Seattle, you can find it within a click or two.

Drawn videos make the impossible, possible! Your idea can play out exactly as you imagined it, in the colour, size or environment you need.

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Isn’t animation difficult to create?

Not with VideoScribe. Our drag and drop process makes animated explainer videos easy for everyone. With no video editing knowledge needed, it’s ideal for a range of ages and ability levels.

Have fun selecting images from our vast library or upload your own. Play with wording, personalise each element and before you know it you’ve made your first Scribe.

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