VideoScribe Templates

Whiteboard Explainer Collage

A visual explainer video

Scrapbook Style

Layer ideas, graphics and photos

Stickup Theme

Perfect for professional situations

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To use the templates, login to VideoScribe and open "templates" folder.

VideoScribe for Business

Why are scribes so popular in marketing?

An engaging style to showcase your business

Bring Your Company Together

Inspire a more productive workforce

Retain Motivated Customers

You will sell more after this video

VideoScribe for Illustrators

Make Engaging Whiteboard Animations

Walk through of the features in VideoScribe

Create Videos Like This Yourself

A quick and easy way to tell your story

Russ Law

Be a heart hero for World Heart Day

VideoScribe in Education

How whiteboard video technology works

The research into videos in education

Rapid Revision

Create useful revision guides with VideoScribe

Make learning fun for all ages

Bring your classroom to life with scribes

Sparkol Community Scribes


Explainer Video


Whiteboard Animation

Shweiki Media Printing

Whiteboard Scribe

VideoScribe Tips and Tutorials

Combine multiple images into one image

Export and combine images in an SVG Editor

Merge two scribes together

Merge two projects into a single scribe

Erase an image

How to erase objects on the VideoScribe canvas

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