Advanced features to level-up your video creation

Take your video creation to the next level with our range of advanced features. From the infinite canvas to a royalty-free music collection, check these features out below.

Exporting your video

Once your video creation is finalised, you can export it as a Quicktime MOV, AVI, Image Sequence (PNG) or Image Sequence (JPG). You also have the options to set the resolution of your video and the frame rate. To find out more about exporting your video, check out this help article.

Engage viewers with audio

In VideoScribe for desktop, you can browse our royalty-free music library and find an audio track that suits your project. Find out more about adding music to your projects in this help article. You can also record a voiceover directly in the app, or import one. Check out our blog, 'The ultimate guide to voicevers' to get all the tips and tricks you need!

Camera controls

Each element you add to the canvas has a camera position set to it. The default camera position given to an element is in the centre and filling the camera view. Once you set a camera position, you can move that element around on the canvas and the camera will remain where it is when the image is drawn. Find out more about setting the camera position in our help article.

Infinite canvas

The infinite canvas is a versatile tool in VideoScribe for desktop that allows you to easily layout all your video scenes. To get an overview of using the infinite canvas and creating scenes, check out this video tutorial.

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