What can animated video do for my business?

Motivate and inspire with internal video, from impressing the CEO to new-starter training. Use video to capture the culture and personality of your company. A business video can be shaped around the audience to match the tone of your message.

Improve communication

Speaking to your team is more effective when it’s fun! Investing in employee development retains a motivated workforce that stay productive. That's why VideoScribe engages for longer, ensuring knowledge is retained.

Help customers help themselves

Consumers now look for video support first and our presentation software is perfect to deliver information. No wonder 68% of users prefer to watch a video than call a business or speak to support. It will save you time and drive loyalty. When your office is closed, animated video can still give your clients the answer they need.

How can VideoScribe help my business make me money?

Explainer videos are proven to increase conversions, from social media to newsletters. There are more visual learners than any other learning style - are you speaking their language? Announce major events and keep your customers involved with video marketing.

Sell more, sell faster, then retain them. With VideoScribe, selling is consistent and you can improve win-rates. The message is direct, clear and stays with you long after viewing. Learn how to make whiteboard animation videos to create immersive, gripping content that generates sales.

Are you raising money or managing a global portfolio of investors? Video inspires and updates your investors, encouraging them to engage. 68% of users prefer to watch a video than call a business or speak to support. Those short on time can just click an animated video and forget about scrolling through text.

Some of our business customers

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