How to create a whiteboard video

From showcasing business benefits to education and training, whiteboard animation can turn simple ideas into engaging 2D video content. But where do you start?

With a tool like VideoScribe, creating whiteboard animated videos is easy! Use the search, drag, and drop functionality to bring your ideas to life. Create your free trial today to give it a go...

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Whiteboard videos in 3 easy steps

With VideoScribe, anyone, anywhere can create engaging whiteboard videos. But how? Let’s break it down into three easy steps...

Step 1

Plan your big idea out in full. This involves creating a storyboard to layout each scene, and writing a script to ensure your video flows smoothly.

When writing your script, make sure you keep your audience in mind - who are they and what are they interested in?

Step 2

Here’s the fun part - bringing your big idea to life. Use a tool like VideoScribe to put your plan into production and start with adding text and illustrations.

Here you can really make it look like a whiteboard scene by using a whiteboard image background, selecting the board marker hand, and using outline images (we have loads of them in the VideoScribe image library!)

Step 3

Hit publish, share your whiteboard animation masterpiece on your favorite platforms, and watch the viewers roll in.

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What is VideoScribe?

VideoScribe is a drag and drop tool that lets anyone create animated videos, with ease. Whether you’re trialling VideoScribe or have an active VideoScribe subscription, you can choose between using VideoScribe for your browser, or VideoScribe for your desktop to create animated videos for your business.

By choosing VideoScribe for your web browser, you unlock the following:

  • The ability to create content on-the-go using a computer, or your iPad

  • Our scenes functionality

  • Various video canvas sizes

By choosing VideoScribe for your desktop, you gain access to:

  • Our infinite scrolling canvas, meaning you can explain complex topics with ease

  • Zoom in and out effects

No matter which option you choose, you can create animated videos quickly and easily. Watch our explainer video to help you decide which option you should choose to create your animated videos

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