How to create a whiteboard video

How to create a whiteboard video

From showcasing business benefits to education and training, whiteboard animation can turn simple ideas into engaging 2D video content. But where do you start?

With a tool like VideoScribe, creating whiteboard videos is easy! Use the search, drag, and drop functionality to bring your ideas to life. Create your free trial today to give it a go...

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What is a whiteboard video?

Whiteboard videos are a style of animation that is designed to look like the content is being hand-drawn on a whiteboard. It’s a great way to communicate complex information through graphics, text, and motion that are easy to understand.

Whiteboard videos in 3 easy steps

With VideoScribe, anyone, anywhere can create engaging whiteboard videos. But how? Let’s break it down into three easy steps...

Step 1

Plan your big idea out in full. This involves creating a storyboard to layout each scene, and writing a script to ensure your video flows smoothly.

When writing your script, make sure you keep your audience in mind - who are they and what are they interested in?

Step 2

Here’s the fun part - bringing your big idea to life. Use a tool like VideoScribe to put your plan into production and start with adding text and illustrations.

Here you can really make it look like a whiteboard scene by using a whiteboard image background, selecting the board marker hand, and using outline images (we have loads of them in the VideoScribe image library!)

Step 3

Hit publish, share your whiteboard animation masterpiece on your favorite platforms, and watch the viewers roll in.

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