Is VideoScribe worth buying?

If you've been asking yourself the question, "Is VideoScribe worth buying?" then look no further! When it comes to creating animated videos easily, VideoScribe is your best friend. But your creative potential doesn't stop with video - you can create animated GIFs in just a few clicks as well. On this page, we'll cover off questions to help you realize the answer is YES, VideoScribe is worth buying:

Unlock the power to create animated explainer videos, whiteboard animations, engaging GIFs, promotional animations and so much more. Plus, if you're the type of person who likes to try before you buy, you can take advantage of our free 7 day trial. We don't ask for any credit card or payment details for you to get started. You simply create your account, choose whether you want to try VideoScribe for your browser, or VideoScribe for your desktop, and then you're set.

Is VideoScribe worth buying? Our user says yes!

"VideoScribe is the best video animation software for most people. If you are interested in creating an animation for your business web page, an advertisement, or a video for educational purposes, this software is well worth using."

- Nicole Pav, SoftwareHow

What is the price of VideoScribe?

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A VideoScribe subscription for you and your team is just a click away. Discover your options here.

Who is VideoScribe for?


Create engaging lesson materials, helpful explainers and group assignments to keep students on track.


Boost sales and revenue with persuasive explainers, punchy promo videos and custom content for all your channels. 


Win more video clients, save time on projects and boost custom satisfaction with custom animated videos.


Grow your following and attract new viewers with unique animated videos that keep audiences hooked.


Communicate with ease using video. Perfect for managing change, training colleagues and announcing upcoming events.

Why choose VideoScribe?

Incredible value

With an ever-growing library of free templates, images, and music, VideoScribe is one of the best value animation tools money can buy.

Used by millions

Over 2 million people across 185+ countries use VideoScribe. From India through to Germany, our users live in all corners of the globe.

Easy to use

With our drag-and-drop video software, you can upload your own images, music, and voice-overs, or choose from our library to create customized animations.

Our community in action: see what our users have created using VideoScribe

Everything you need to know to make impressive animated videos

Library of over 5 million images and GIFs

From backdrops and scenery to medical equipment, school supplies and people and pets we have images covering every topic. Plus, with the option to upload your own images, photos and GIFs your creative potential really is limitless!

Diverse range of drawing hands, pens and erasers

For a truly custom explainer, pick a drawing hand and pen that’s right for your character, story or message. From paint brushes and markers, to pencils and crayons, there’s something for everyone.

Canvas sizes for every occasion

Whether you’re creating explainer videos to share on your website or social media, VideoScribe has canvas sizes to suit your needs. Just click to switch between square, vertical and traditional 16:9 canvas options.

Creative animation options at your fingertips

All VideoScribe images will automatically draw themselves when you hit play. But for extra sparkle, experiment with other animation options including move in, fade in, morph images from one to another and more. Hello professional animation techniques!

Over 190 royalty free tracks and voice-over recording

No explainer video would be complete without sound. Which is why we have a built in music library complete with tracks covering a range of genres. You can also record your own voice-over right from VideoScribe - no other tools needed!

With desktop and browser options, VideoScribe flexes to suit you

If you prefer creating quick animations on the go, you’ll love the browser based version of VideoScribe. For more in-depth creations our downloadable desktop tool is perfect. With one subscription you’ll get access to both giving you ultimate flexibility!

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