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Animated videos are a powerful communication tool. Viewers retain 95% of a message from a video compared to only 10% of text. Yet only 24% of law firms are using video to attract new clients, establish credibility or persuade jurors. 

With our drag and drop video creator, you can create a video in minutes. And with our pre-designed templates you don’t need any design or editing skills. No more expensive equipment or contractors.

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Easily create client testimonial videos showcasing the amazing work you've done for your clients. Use our template to create an engaging video in minutes.

Create attorney bio videos to highlight your experience and specialties. Every aspect of the video template can be edited, from colors to images.

Promote a social justice campaign or cause. This template is perfect for sharing on social media to raise awareness or rally support.

Showcase your legal services with this video template to help win new clients. Make a few simple customizations then add the explainer to your website.

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VideoScribe is a cost-effective video software that allows you to create professional legal videos without breaking the bank. Choose an annual subscription to save over 63%.

Easy to use

Our drag and drop interface makes it easy for anyone to create an impressive video. You don't need any design or traditional video editing skills to create something amazing.


Perfect to craft explainer videos on legal topics, promo videos to win new business and presenting evidence in a compelling format. Use our ready-made templates or design your own.

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There are two versions of VideoScribe; VideoScribe Browser, available on any browser on desktop & tablet, and VideoScribe Desktop, a downloadable app for desktop only. Both have an intuitive interface and a range of powerful features

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