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Choose the number of subscriptions you need for your team, or take advantage of our Solution Packages. With our Solution Packages, we bundle in customized animations for VideoScribe, add in training and workshops with our Academy, and create templates to suit your brand so you can hit the ground running.

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Add a Solution Package for your team

Your VideoScribe subscriptions are just the beginning for your team. By adding a Solution Package to your subscription pack, you’ll receive a range of added benefits; from customized professional development sessions, to your organization’s own branding and design elements recreated in a VideoScribe-ready format. Simply choose a package that suits you!

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How the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht uses team subscriptions

“For us, using VideoScribe is part of being a 21st century university and inspiring students and staff to think creatively. We use our 300 VideoScribe licenses to consistently innovate and deliver video lecture content that students enjoy and most importantly, content they remember."

How the Education Authority benefited from our Fastrack Solution Package

"We’d been challenged with finding new ways of working around the impact of COVID-19, when VideoScribe enabled us to produce engaging content to assist in delivering online learning and communication. The training programme for our staff was excellent, and our logo and corporate branding was built into our template scribes. We look forward to using the software over the coming year, and developing our skillset."

Our FAQs about team subscriptions

How do VideoScribe team subscriptions work?

Our VideoScribe team subscriptions allow you to have all active licenses linked together in one purchasing account. Plus, when you purchase 5+ subscriptions, you can take advantage of our volume discount. Get in touch with our Sales team to find out more.

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A team subscription with VideoScribe means you can manage the licenses from within your Sparkol portal. You can assign and reassign these licenses whenever and how frequently you need them. To find out more on how you can manage the multiple users for your team or organization, read our support article here.

Can a VideoScribe license be reassigned to someone else when a current user doesn’t need it or leaves the team?

Absolutely! You hold the power and can manage all active licenses by assigning and unassigning to anyone in your team or organization from within your Sparkol portal. If someone on your team moves on, you can reassign their subscription to another team member in just a couple of clicks. Our support article here gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do this. 

Are all users in my team subscription able to see each other’s VideoScribe projects?

No - the projects you create within VideoScribe can be seen only by you. However, if you would like to share the project with your team - or anyone else with a VideoScribe subscription - you can save your .scribe file locally (on your computer) and share in any way you want (email, USB, carrier pigeon…). Read our step-by-step guide on how to share your .scribe files in our support article here.