What is the benefit of whiteboard animation?

Effortless animation

Bold and clear visuals deliver your message in a direct way, adding a fun element as the camera pans to each new scene or idea.

VideoScribe lets you choose from a huge library of hand drawn illustrations to create high quality whiteboard animation, effortlessly.

Instantly memorable

Your audience is instantly put into learning mode as they recognise the teaching style of a whiteboard.

With their interest spiked by the striking artwork, it’s proven to increase engagement and make your message more memorable.

Using hand drawn animation makes the scope as wide as your imagination!

Did you know?


of mobile video consumers share videos with others


of businesses use video as a marketing tool


of people watch videos online every day


of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days

Who is whiteboard animation for?

We’re all trying to deliver our ideas in a way that makes someone sit up and listen. From CEO to student, investor to buyer, video marketing always makes an impact.

You can entertain, encourage, motivate and educate with a format that suits the workplace just as well as education. Make business video your next marketing tool, safe in the knowledge it improves audience participation.

Some of our customers

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